What Our Clients Say

For over 25 years, Archi-Tech has delivered exceptional customer service and cutting-edge solutions to our pharmaceutical clients.

Here’s what their leaders have to say about partnering with us.

“Over the past 9 years I’ve had the privilege of partnering with Archi-Tech as they managed our Rx and Cash data requirements. While our business was already working with Archi-Tech when I arrived, it didn’t take very long to realize the unique vendor they are and the high level of value they consistently delivered. The Archi-Tech team have consistently understood our business needs and priorities and have moved in sync with us as changes and new directions were required. While the people I’ve worked  are very smart and know the details of data, it’s their attitude and level of service that sets them apart from most vendors I’ve worked with over my career. Always adding to the conversation, proactively searching for solutions, collaborating on difficult issues and being with us together to build a stronger business. I strong recommend that any company in healthcare that has data needs that require strong management by data experts who work with you to maximize the value of the information check out ATS.”

Director, Insights & Analytics

“I’ve worked with Archi-Tech for approximately 15 years. The level of professionalism they exhibit is outstanding. The work they have done for me has allowed me to gain valuable insight into my markets and provided me with a competitive advantage. They don’t just provide a valuable service but embody the term “partner” like no other team I’ve worked with before. The professionals at Archi-Tech are truly engaged and are invested in my success at all times.”

Chief Executive Officer

“I enjoy working with ATS. Our relationship is a true partnership. The entire ATS team is friendly, professional, attentive to details, and delivers high-quality output. I’m especially appreciative of the numerous occasions when ATS exceeded service level agreements to help achieve important goals. ATS genuinely cares about my company’s success.”

Senior Data Analyst

“I’ve been working with ATS for 5+ years.The ATS team and I have formed a great relationship, and have successfully completed various projects which have led to positive impacts on business. The team is calm and professional, delivers on time, and isdedicated to helping me succeed. They continuously go above and beyond!”

Associate Director, US Analytics

“Archi-Tech is the only vendor I’ve worked with that does exactly what they say they are going to do.”

Director of Sales Operations

“Archi-Tech is a valuable partner who is always there for our company to help us to get through the challenging times. The support and effort is always appreciated and exceeds our expectations.”

— Senior Business Analyst

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