Integration & Platforming

Archi-Tech has been in business over 25 years with the sole focus of helping pharma companies like yours integrate, manage, access, analyze and report on their data in the most effective manner possible.

Everything begins with the proper and accurate integration of your data because data IS the decision-making foundation of your business. We understand these complex sets of data and the numerous data inconsistencies that make your data difficult to integrate, validate, analyze, report, and utilize.

Integration & Platforming of Pharmaceutical Data
Integrating Disparate Pharma Data

If your data is wrong, often your decisions that are based on it will also be wrong.

Our long track record of resolving these inconsistencies across all sets of data and building accurate databases, data marts and warehouses provides the peace-of-mind you want and need.

Rapidly transform your data into meaningful information.

Instant response to ad-hoc queries.

Consistency guaranteed, providing a “single version of truth”.

We work with a wide spectrum of raw data


Prescriber Payer
Patient Level


Call/Detail Activity
Co-Pay Cards
Speaker Programs
Call Center


Custom Metrics
Expense Tracking

Supply Chain

Factory Sales
Product Transfers


Distributor (SD)
Pharmacy (SP)
Provider (SPP)
Hub Data
Lab Data


The foundation of any successful information solution is a robust platform designed to rapidly transform your data into meaningful information. AT-MART is that essential foundation.

Customized to fit your needs, data is integrated based on client defined business rules resulting in a centralized repository of reconciled data assets. This serves as a strong foundation for all types of reporting and analytics, ensuring consistency.

Our proven data modeling and integration processes are backed by rigorous quality checks to ensure integrity, allowing sales organizations to establish a “single version of truth.”

AT-MART is based on Microsoft SQL Server and when hosted on the recommended Microsoft Azure servers features all the benefits of a cloud-based solution, offering economies of scale, guaranteed uptime and no limits on space or bandwidth. All this while demonstrating a highly competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Archi-Tech handles all ongoing production processes, allowing you to focus on your business.

DART – Data Analysis & Reporting

DART puts the power of a high-performance data mart at your fingertips. Imagine…

  • Carrying around a large and sophisticated data mart right on your laptop!
  • Getting Instant response to your ad hoc queries.
  • Rapidly summarizing data and generating Excel reports parsed automatically by geographies or other attributes.

Since its launch, DART® has set the standard for data access solution performance. Its loyal user base marvels at its speed, portability, and breadth of data – empowering them like no other system. Analytical tasks that once took hours or days can now be accomplished within minutes—or even seconds!

Since its original release in 1993, DART has been, and continues to be, the fastest data access, targeting, analytics and retrieval tool in the pharmaceutical industry. DART can contain all your physician, demographic, prescriber, plan, and sales force data into a single, portable data mart. Even complex queries and searches can be completed in less than 5 seconds. The included analytics are cutting edge, allowing users to slice, dice, analyze, report or export data in just seconds.


Although DART does not replace a pharmaceutical company’s full data warehouse, for our clients it serves as a serverless  high speed stand-alone or mirrored data mart that contains the majority of the data and functionality they need to do their job.

DART®, based on Archi-Tech’s proprietary InPress® engine, is the fastest and easiest-to-use analytics tool available. It provides instant access to the information vital to your business success. Users can query, analyze, report, or graph virtually any type or size of data. No other vendor can offer this revolutionary technology.

Popular DART® applications include DART® Prescriber, the ultimate prescriber level power tool, and the DART® Managed Care Suite, which helps you stay on top of the ever-changing managed care space.

The true power of DART is realized when you draw actionable insights from millions of records instantly.

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