Customer Data Management

Pharmaceutical companies must synthesize a wealth of raw data to create an accurate picture of its customers. This is the foundation of your business. Your only options are to try to do it yourself at considerable time and expense or hire an outside vendor.

Archi-Tech has a proven track record providing fast, accurate and complete integration of all the disparate customer data. By transforming it into one standard view of the customer, it is a solid foundation on which you can confidently build your competitive advantage. This is what makes us a trusted partner in the industry.

Customer Data Management for Pharma
Customer Data Management for Complex Pharmaceutical Needs

A scalable solution to your most debilitating business problem

Straightforward, intuitive system across all customer types.

Resolves major challenges to management, standardization, and linkages of data.

Client-customized and confidential.

Customer Master Management: AT-MDM

Master Data Management (MDM) has long been one of the most important infrastructure issues facing pharma. A sound MDM system and supporting processes are the foundation of a quality database, a necessity for accurate business intelligence, and a requirement for Sunshine Act reporting.

Without sound master data management, high-quality data integration is unattainable, and impactful reporting cannot be achieved.

AT-MDM is an online, client-proprietary repository of customer data that allows companies to distill, customize, and reconcile customer information from multiple sources. AT-MDM includes all the must-haves in a straightforward, intuitive system:

  • All Customer Types. In addition to syndicated data HCPs, AT-MDM can incorporate Ex-factory Direct Customers, Wholesaler 867 Accounts, CRM, SPP HCPs, Chargeback/GPO Accounts, etc.
  • Client-Customized, and Confidential. Housed in a secure cloud server, customer data is never shared. Incorporates client-defined customer attributes and segments.
  • Helps Resolve Major Challenges, including address management, address standardization, linkages to NPI, duplicates, etc.
  • A Monitored, Self-Running Environment. Automated processing, business-rule based exception handling, and pre-scheduled reporting systems feeds.

AT-MDM is a powerful, scalable solution to a debilitating business problem, and is especially suited for specialty manufacturers. Best of all — it is right-sized to fit your needs – and your budget.

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