Business Intelligence

Putting together all the puzzle pieces of Pharmaceutical data is mission critical to your company’s ability to see the full 360º picture of your customers.

With an accurate integrated data foundation in place, Archi-Tech can provide your users with unparalleled access to your data. These include powerful, rapid, and complex analytics to routine executive and field sales reports and dashboards.

Our solutions include reporting through InView® PBI and standard reporting services via SQL, Excel, and other ad hoc reporting tools you already use or may build in-house.

Business Intelligence Solutions for Pharmaceutical Companies

Business Intelligence Solutions for Complex Pharma Data

Imagine having answers to your most pressing business challenges at your fingertips

Unparalleled access to your data.

Rapid, powerful analytics.

Custom-tailored views at every organizational level.

BI Reporting: InView® Power BI Dashboards

InView® is a cloud-based, interactive dashboard, leveraging Microsoft’s PowerBI technology. Archi-Tech  will work with you to develop customized dashboards providing insights into pharmaceutical sales and marketing data utilizing interactive graphs, tables, and maps.  The dashboards are role-based, to ensure that the right people see the right information, and are available 24/7.

Users have the power to drill up or drill down in seconds, and quickly export to multiple report formats. Its intuitive interface translates to a near-zero learning curve, delivering an immediate impact.

Custom-tailored views at every organizational level provide the apex of customer flexibility while maintaining a consistent standard across the company. For example, home office staff views may include data such as factory sales that are not usable by the field reps and managers. C-Suite reports may contain detailed financial information not presented elsewhere.

InView® custom reports provide an instant snapshot of data zeroing in on the markets, accounts, metrics, and other parameters that matter the most. Reports can be as simple or as complex as needed, with everything from static data workbook packages to fully interactive reporting tools with custom viewing capabilities.

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