Distilling Raw Data into
Useful Business Intelligence

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How We Solve Your Business Problems


Turning data into customized information available at your fingertips empowering your business to confidently build its competitive advantage.

Integration & Platforming

Integration and Platforming

Taking source data from any platform, software, data, or vendor and integrating it into a solid platform from which you can operate.

Customer Data Management

Customer Data Management

Distilling multiple disparate sources into one consistent master view of your customer across all levels of the organization.

A Complete Solution

A Complete Solution to Your Data Needs

Why Archi-Tech?

Deep experience with the industry and data allows us to provide custom solutions for your business needs.

Every member of our team has vast experience with all aspects of pharmaceutical data. Sales operations, trade groups, and managed care is what we eat, sleep, and breathe.

Proven operational services coupled with personalized customer service.

In a word we do what we say we will do. It is as simple and complex as that. Every customer is treated with a personal touch because we care about your business as if it is our own.

Archi-Tech distills raw data into useful business intelligence.

Learn How We Can Help You Succeed

From Our Clients:

“I’ve worked with Archi-Tech for approximately 15 years. The level of professionalism they exhibit is outstanding. The work they have done for me has allowed me to gain valuable insight into my markets and provided me with a competitive advantage.

They don’t just provide a valuable service but embody the term “partner” like no other team I’ve worked with before. The professionals at Archi-Tech are truly engaged and are invested in my success at all times.”

-Chief Executive Officer

Case Studies:

Integrating Data from Over 50 Sources

Client Profile
A mid-sized pharmaceutical company with four products in a mature specialty market, with limited IT resources.  

Client Challenge
With three distinct sales forces working across primary care, specialty trade, and managed care, the client was dealing with a multitude of disparate data – including data purchased directly from 50+ vendors. 

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