Archi-Tech can provide you with completely customized solutions to answer your data needs. In addition, Archi-Tech has constructed a number of "turn key" solutions to handle specific types of data.


The NPI Database is a unique and increasingly-rich 'true universe' of all healthcare entities and individuals. Having this amazing directory of healthcare professionals and organizations at your fingertips delivers a strategic advantage. Its caliber and breadth of information is growing, content quality is improving, and it is becoming the de facto enumeration scheme across all of pharma.
More detailed information is available on our dedicated
DART NPI Plus page.

InView Trade

Monitoring your supply chain has become an increasingly important part of pharma analytics. Archi-Tech's InView Trade was designed to make your job easier. This powerful information system captures, standardizes, and reports on all aspects of product movement. With it, pharma companies can not only track their products from factory shipments to end buyers, but can also incorporate CRM and Rx perspective, resulting in a panoramic view of their product sales activity.

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