The NPI Database is a unique and increasingly-rich 'true universe' of all healthcare entities and individuals. Having this amazing directory of healthcare professionals and organizations at your fingertips delivers a strategic advantage. Its caliber and breadth of information is growing, content quality is improving, and it is becoming the de facto enumeration scheme across all of pharma.

Free online NPI lookup tools are available, but suffer from severe limitations:

Several years ago Archi-Tech developed an NPI tool using our high performance DART technology for our clients and they loved it.

Now it has been enhanced with additional data and is being offered as a standalone tool, downloaded to your desktop and updated monthly, to all pharma companies — DART NPI Plus

DART NPI Plus Comparison

ContentNPI PlusOnline NPI Tools
Full NPI database (5.4 million records) Yes Yes
OPA 340B Covered Entities Identifiers data Yes No
CMS Medicare Provider Type Specialty Description data Yes No
Group Practice data, inferred from the data with, confidence ratings Yes No
Core Based Statistical Area alignment Yes No

FeaturesNPI PlusOnline NPI Tools
Unlimited exports of doctors or organizations, containing any NPI Plus content Yes No
Perform complex searches on any attributes with results in seconds Yes No
Run important scenarios with single click macros Yes No
Updates of all information downloaded to your desktop monthly Yes No

Use DART NPI Plus to:

Research HCPs:

Track/Analyze Healthcare Organizations:

Keep Up to Date on Covered Entities and 340B Status:

Annual Subscription

NPI is available as an annual subscription of twelve monthly downloads. For more information please please fill out the form below, email us at sales@archi-tech.com or call us at 609-882-2447 ext. 143.

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