Archi-Tech Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of outsourced data integration, data warehousing, analytics and reporting services to the Pharmaceuticals Industry. Over the past 25 years we have helped over 100 companies, ranging from start-ups to established industry giants, solve their data integration, access, analytical and reporting problems.

Our clients choose Archi-Tech over trying to do it themselves or over other vendors for the reasons stated below under the heading "Why Companies Choose Archi-Tech."


Pharmaceutical companies are surrounded by vital data. Supply chain, prescriber, syndicated, specialty, sales force and promotional are just a few of the types of data that flow in, providing a wealth of raw data about your business. Distilling this data into accurate and actionable intelligence and insights requires deep industry knowledge, extensive experience, robust processes and a varied and efficient toolkit.

Pharmaceutical companies must integrate and manage this data as it is the foundation of their business. Their only options are to try to do it themselves at considerable time and expense, or hire an outside vendor.

Archi-Tech's proven track record and ability to provide fast, accurate and complete integration of all this data and transform it into actionable insights and intelligence, is what sets us apart. (See below: Why Companies Choose Archi-Tech)

Data Integration and Management

Archi-Tech has been in business over 25 years with the sole focus of helping pharma companies like yours integrate, manage, access, analyze and report on their data in the most effective manner possible.

Everything begins with the proper and accurate integration of your data because data IS the decision-making foundation of your business. We understand these complex sets of data and the numerous data inconsistencies that make your data difficult to integrate, validate, analyze, report and utilize. If your data is wrong, often your decisions that are based on it will also be wrong. Below are just some of the datasets that we integrate for our clients.

Our long track record of rectifying these inconsistencies and building accurate databases, data marts and warehouses provides the peace-of-mind you want and need.

Actionable Insights and Intelligence

With an accurate and correct integrated data foundation in place, Archi-Tech can provide your users with unparalleled access to your data. These include powerful and rapid analytics to routine executive and field sales reports and dashboards.

Our local applications put the power of a high-performance data mart at your fingertips. Imagine carrying around a large and sophisticated data mart right in your pocket! If you prefer cloud-based solutions, we can give your internal and external customers direct access to the Archi-Tech managed data mart for any additional analysis they may wish to do using whatever tools they choose to use.

Why Companies Choose Archi-Tech

The points below allow our clients to feel safe, secure and confident in the accuracy of their data while allowing them to accomplish more progress with less effort and frustration. The result is a more efficient way to run their business while deriving more actionable insights and intelligence than their competitors are able to obtain. This provides our clients with a big competitive advantage.


Archi-Tech is committed to helping you succeed more easily. For more information about our services or to learn about our free data audit, please fill out the form below, email us at or call us at 609-882-2447 ext. 143.

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